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Book-O-Rama Shopping Cart using MVC

My PHP learning path lead me to review and try the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern. So I decided to write my own framework. It was a great learning experience because I had to deal with object-oriented programing, design patterns and considerations.

I use the Book-O-Rama application as a base. I rewrite it in order to adjusted it to my MVC framework and here you have the results.

Jolin Foods – Java – Google App Engine

For this project I chose the Google App Engine and the Java Language as a infrastructure and Development Tools. I worked on the NetBeans IDE as well. It was very interesting to learn how Google implements the data storage and image storage.

I had a lot of fun on doing it!

If you like to browse the Web Site you can use the following user and password:

user: dollar
password: dollar

Lilia’s Cleaning services

For this job I concentrate in the design part of the Web site. It have just a little interaction with a Database for the Testimonials part. The jQuery Cycle Plugin is the slideshow plugin that I choose for this. The customer was very happy with it.

Frozen Foods – WordPress

Frozen Foods

I developed this WordPress web site to show my knowledge about this content manager.

Here I make use of the following features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Plugin Development
  • Widget Development
  • Slide Show with JQuery
  • Page Creation
  • Query and Loop usage
  • Custom Post Types
  • Categories and Tags

Equipos y Medicinas – WordPress

Equipos y Medicinas

In this project which I developed using the CMS WordPress I decided to create my own WordPress Theme and make it Responsive for mobile devices. The Skeleton Fluid Grid help me to achieve this goal.

The customers are very happy with this Application because it helped them to address a big issue they had related to the administration of documents they produce.

Manuel Carbajal – Application Developer

Computer technology is improving everyday. I think we will have, in the near future, a portable device, very easy to carry in our pocket, with great battery life, totally wireless, with a resizable, great resolution touch screen, able to communicate through video, voice and data with other devices via Internet (no broadcasters).tabletphone3

We just have to look at the evolution of computers:

    • Mainframes
    • Personal Pc
    • Laptops
    • Notebooks
    • Smart phones
    • Tablet PC (iPad)

In parallel, the software will be evolving too. Nowadays we have a fierce fighting between propietary versus open source software. In addition inside the propietary software model there are two big competitors: Microsoft and Apple each one with their own Operating System and development tools. In the Open Source side Linux (with Ubuntu, RedHat, Android, etc) and Java (Java SE, Java ME, Dalvick) are the first option to consider.tabletphone2

Wich software technology will be running in the future computer device? I am not really sure but I am betting on Linux, Android, Java, Dalvick because their Open Source model (collaborative and Free).

I am running this site to follow that trend and to show some mobile applications that I am developing to be prepared and ready for the future mobile applications market.

Manuel Carbajal Leontabletphone4