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Computer technology is improving everyday. I think we will have, in the near future, a portable device, very easy to carry in our pocket, with great battery life, totally wireless, with a resizable, great resolution touch screen, able to communicate through video, voiceMcl World - Resizable Screen and data with other devices via Internet (no broadcasters).

We just have to look at the evolution of computers:

    • Mainframes
    • Personal Pc
    • Laptops
    • Notebooks
    • Smart phones
    • Tablet PC (iPad)

tabletphone4 In parallel, the software will be evolving too. Nowadays we have a fierce fighting between propietary versus open source software. In addition inside the propietary software model there are two big competitors: Microsoft and Apple each one with their own Operating System and development tools. In the Open Source side Linux (with Ubuntu, RedHat, Android, etc) and Java (Java SE, Java ME, Dalvick) are the first option to consider.

Wich software technology will be running in the future computer tabletphone2device? I am not really sure but I am betting on Linux, Android, Java, Dalvick because their Open Source model (collaborative and Free).

I am running this site to follow that trend and to show some mobile applications that I am developing to be prepared and ready for the future mobile applications market.

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