Manuel Carbajal Leon

Address: 255 Chestnut St. Kearny New Jersey 07032
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Phone:  201-737-6938

Professional Info

I am an Web Developer with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. I consider myself a team player and I have a fast understanding of application requirements. I feel that I can make a significant contribution to any Web Development department.


Ricardo Palma Private University
Economics Science
1990 – 19995

Microsoft Certified Professional Application Developer

Technical Skills

Web Development: .asp, .aspx, .jsp, , PHP 5, HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, javascript, jquery, AJAX.

Database Systems: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, Informix, MS Access.

Languages : Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0, 4, 5 y 6, C#, Java SE. ME and EE, Android SDK, PHP.

Applications: MS Visual Studio, WordPress, Laravel 5.

IDEs: Atom, NetBeans, Eclipse

Application Server: Internet Information Server, Apache, Tomcat, Google App Engine.

Operating System: Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Android.

Professional Experience

Freelance Projects

Project: Therapy Manager Application
Speech Therapy Specialist
Description: Responsive Web Site that allows the therapist to tracking the therapies that she provide to her children case log, giving her an easy access to consulting, editing, adding children information from the desktop computer or smart phone.
Technology: Laravel 5, PHP, MySQL, HTML5.
Year: 2015

Project: Registration Process of Medical Equipment.
Organization: Equipos y Medicinas, Lima Peru.
Description: Web Site that allows the company tracking registration process of medical equipment and devices with the Government Health Department for comercialization.
Technology: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, WordPress.
Year: 2014

Project: Lilia’s Cleaning Services Web Site
Organization: Lilia’s Cleaning Services, USA
Description: Web Site that shows company services.
Technology: PHP, MySQL, HTML5.
Year: 2013

Project: Jolin Foods Web Site
Organization: Jolin Foods – Kenilworth, USA
Description: Web Site that shows company’s products information with images.
Technology: Google App Engine, Java Server Pages, Java Servlets.
Link: Jolin Foods
Year: 2011

Companies and Organizations

Voxiva Peru
Web Developer
Develop in the Back End of a Application’s Framework that is a case tool to generate applications for data entry and reports. Applications can be accessed via multiple devices: the web, fixed-line and mobile telephones.
Technology: Windows 2003. IIS 5.0, ASP.Net with C#, MS SQL Server
Year: 2004 – 2007


Web Developer

Project: Financial Information System
Description: Lead developer in this project for the United Nations Development Program. Extranet System to obtain financial reports about budgets execution.
Technology: Windows NT 4.0., IIS 4.0, MTS, VB Components , MS Visual FOX, ASP
Year: 2000 – 2003


Lead Developer for this projects

Project: Mine Safety System
Organization: CIA Minera Buenaventura – Peru
Description: Web System to track Accidents, Occurrences, sending messages and notifications automatically. Generation of statistics and reports.
Technology: Windows 2000., ASP.Net, MS SQL Server 2000
Year: 2000

Project: Virtual Office
Organization : AFP Horizonte – Peru
Description: Internet System that allows AFP members consult their balance and the projection of their contributions.
Technology: Windows NT 4.0., IIS 4.0, MTS, VB Components and Forms, MS SQL Server 7.0
Year: 2000

Project: eService System
Organization: AFP Horizonte – Peru
Description: Win32 System to manage Marketing campaigns through email. Import data from different sources, filter criteria.
Technology: Windows 2000., IIS 5.0, SMTP, MAPI, Components Services, Brio Query Designer, VB Components , VB Forms, ASP.
Year: 1999

Project: Business Management System
Organization: Wiese Bank – Peru
Description: Client Server system that allows managers to consult the Bank Deposits, Loans, Stocks, Rates, Security, etc. from the Bank’s clients in individual and grouped in criteria such as economic sector, type of bank, Economic Group, Region etc. . Processes ranging from data loading, processing and information display screens
Technology: Windows NT 4.0., VB Form, MS SQL Server 6.0
Year: 1998-1999

Project: Corporate Clients Management System
Organization: EDELNOR – Peru
Description: System to manage the process, metering, billing, Service Suspend and reconnection of the large customers Edelnor integrated into existing business systems and Accounting.
Technology: Windows NT 4.0., MTS, VB Components and forms, MS Office, C, DB Informix on UNIX
Year: 1998

Application Developer