Manuel Carbajal – Applications Developer

I am a Web Developer primarily working on the application’s backend but I am comfortable developing on the frontend also. I developed my last projects on the LAMP infrastructure coding plain php, MVC model or using CMS platforms like WordPress.

I have no problems working on the Microsoft Environment with .Net, .asp, C#, VB and the Microsoft SQL server as well. I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. (View transcript.)

The Java Platform is familiar to me also. I developed using the Java Language and tools on the Google App Engine.

Regarding the frontend development, I’m happy writing plain old Javascript or using javascript libraries like jQuery. I also like putting together clean, maintainable and responsive HTML5 and CSS.

I have much experience working on technology projects and I am not afraid of picking up a new framework or language. That is going to be a very exciting thing for me always!

Application Developer